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Are marketers acquiring enough value from customer data?

According to new joint research published by B2B Marketing and Avention, just 21 per cent of B2B marketers believe their organisations are getting the most out of customer data; in addition, 67 per cent of the 100 B2B marketers surveyed in the ‘Can marketers see what’s coming next?’ report admitting to not extracting sufficient value from the data they have pertaining to customer purchases, preferences and activities.

Furthermore, regarding the reasons behind these failures, 34 per cent claimed to regret their lack of accuracy in the data sets; and 33 per cent said some of the data collected was not appropriately recorded.

Head of content at B2B marketing, Alex Aspinall, said: “This should be the primary concern for anyone struggling to make headway with the data challenge: disparate data sets are of use to no one.

He continued: “A concerted effort is required from everyone involved with the recording, analysis and retrieval of customer data within an organisation to be singing from the same hymn sheet. Inter-departmental alignment on data practices and processes must be established, and respected, if progress is to be made in this area.”

Download the full report here

B2B marketers can assess ‘video body language’ with new tool…

The video intelligence platform for businesses, Vidyard, has introduced its new ‘Engage’ tool that claims to ‘extend the power’ of video beyond marketing to sales, support, customer success and other teams across an organisation.

Primarily targeted to B2B marketers, the tool allows a follow up email video sent via Gmail or Outlook email to reach a potential customer; the same methodology as attaching a PDF or Word document file. Therefore, the tool will then notify the sender of what content was viewed; how long it was viewed and which parts were skipped or replayed.

Co-founder and CEO of Vidyard, Michael Litt, said: “Video is the most effective way to connect with modern B2B buyers, and it can also offer incredible insight into the interests and intent of each individual viewer.”

He continued: “Despite its success as a strategic marketing tool, video remains an untapped resource for helping sales reps close more deals or building better relationships with existing clients. We’re addressing this head-on by making it simple for customer-facing teams to share key video assets from right inside their inbox and use viewer engagement data to better understand their audience.”

Read more about Vidyard’s product offering here

ANA: B2B marketers need to ‘step up’ their game in order to succeed…

The US-based Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has concluded from their recent research that marketers specialising in the B2B sector have a duty to uphold strong leadership skills and ‘deep’ marketing experience in order to drive brand awareness, customer loyalty and ‘play a key role’ in sales operations.

The online survey, which was conducted in partnership with the market and consumer information group, GFK and represented 237 B2B professionals, found that 39 per cent believe their roles are to ensure that the voice of the customer shapes the business strategy and to bring expert marketing competencies to the table. However, marketers also indicated that they are struggling to be viewed as important and strategic assets; fearing that all efforts made are viewed only as an extension of their companies’ sales divisions.

CEO and president of the ANA, Bob Liodice, said: “Our study shows that B2B marketers have much to offer, but that message is not getting through to the right people within their own organisations. These marketers need to implement growth leadership initiatives, put forth a clear vision of their brands, and develop strategies to remove barriers.”

The survey also found that only 42 per cent hold a position the ‘top management’ board of a company, and 37 per cent of respondents enjoy strong recommendation from senior management. Meanwhile, 35 per cent claim that senior management professionals are highly focused on the product and price; ignoring customer insights.

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