Alice ter Haar, Founder & Chief Unicorn, Badass Unicorn

“Grow like a Badass Unicorn”

Each of us has the potential to grow as fast and big as $1billion Unicorn start-ups. All we need is personal development so that we can ignite our best possible selves…

  • In this 35-min interactive and practical keynote, you’ll learn how to apply the growth strategies of the world’s most inspiring businesses to turbo-charge your personal growth.
  • This session is a whistle-stop self-awareness and self-empowerment tour where you’ll reconnect with the most important ingredient for personal and professional success – yourself.
  • The output? The self-awareness and motivation to take your potential by the (unicorn) horn by being your most badass self.
  • This session is run by Alice ter Haar, who after spending four years at one of Europe’s fastest growing scale-ups, Deliveroo, now shares this first-hand experience of building a Unicorn company to inspire others.

Richard Pearce, Director and Victoria Beswick, Managing Director, Trident Marketing Anglia Ltd

“The Relevance of Print in 2022”

A presentation on the relevance of printing in today’s marketing strategy and what can be achieved by utilising modern print methods.

  • Is Print Relevant Today in a Digital World?
  • Uses of Print and why it is still needed?
  • Modern Technologies mean you can achieve lots more

Dave Gibbons, Managing Director, KNP Litho Ltd

“Sustainability. You can’t do it alone”

As MD of KNP for 16 years, Dave is influential in the print services sector, driving forward the evolution of how print suppliers transition to a more sustainable model.

  • Sustainability has to be an approach / Sustainability. You can’t do it alone
  • Throughout the business
  • Investing to improve
  • What should you look for in a sustainable partner
  • Interrogate your suppliers